Chicken and Vegetable Shishkabobs


Its wintertime and one of those days that I don’t feel like busting out the rabbit hat so I can grill outside, time to use the indoor grill! One cannot be a Paleo Princess without a grill on their cook-top, so hurry along and buy one so that you can grill all year round! Funny story, when we built our home, the electricians were not aware of our stove location so they installed the hood over the spot where the burners are, not where the grill is. This may be the cause of my hearing problems because the shrill smoke alarm goes off pretty much every time I used the grill due to the smoke not being properly sucked up. Ahhhh first world problems!

If you choose to use wooden skewers, also make sure to soak them prior to cooking. The first time I did this, I neglected to soak them and they caught on fire and fell off at the ends. I ended up scraping the food off and so they werent really shishkabobs, bummer! Since I am too impatient to soak these damn things before cooking, I ended up buying metal skewers. WAY BETTER!

2012 12 17 Shiskkabobs

Click here for the recipe!

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