Maple-Glazed Salmon


Time for fish again! This time I am doing it the right way, without any type of creamy sauce. However, I did glaze it with some maple sugar but hey, that’s pure maple syrup so it isn’t the biggest disaster in Paleo history. Had a nice Caesar salad on the side and as you will notice, I took all the croutons out PRIOR to taking the photo. Good job, me!

Salmon is one of those versatile fish where you can marinate it, crust it or add a sauce to it and it will almost always be delicious. That is, if you are a salmon person. I know some people, like vegetable hater, feel that it is too strong of a fish. Bring it on, I say, the stronger the better. I actually like to taste flavours of the food I’m eating. Weird eh?

2013 04 29 Maple glazed salmon

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