I have a confession to make. Sometimes… I… eat… pizza. Phew, that felt good to get off my chest. Unfortunately, my taste buds think that pizza is the greatest invention of all time which leads me to sometimes indulge in a slice. But wait- did I really find a Paleo substitute that will silence my cravings, (almost) guilt-free? Looks like I have, and the name of this creation is Meatza! Basically, you take all the ingredients of pizza but instead of placing this on a crust of bread, you bake it on a crust of GROUND BEEF! Fantastic, I must say!

Before you get too ecstatic, I must point out one integral instruction. MAKE SURE TO COOK THIS ON A BAKING SHEET WITH A LIP!  Hahha what a story. The first time I cooked this, I decided to shirk the directions and cook on my brand-new stone-wear.  Well, what happens when we cook a crust make purely out of ground beef? Logic would say that copious amounts of greese will pour over the sides, almost creating a greese fire, smoking out the house while the fire alarm is screeching and the security company is calling to ensure everyones ok. Yep. That. Happened. I guess I was blinded by the prospect of a bread-free pizza. Food-lust will do that to you sometimes. You have been warned.

Meatza turned out great though!

2013 03 10 Meatza


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