Miso Salmon


Look at this, I am dining out again and choosing to eat something other than steak! What is coming over me? I think this whole Paleo thing is broadening my horizons, wonderful! Salmon is one of those proteins that has multiple health benefits and it can be prepared in a multitude of ways. This meal was no exception! Glazed with some type of sweet substance.. maybe maple, maybe honey and surrounded with a miso broth and vegetables. Yum! I am not sure how Paleo miso is… I bet its pretty salty but hey, I am dining out, so one cannot be 100% sure unless you’re cooking it yourself. I Love how the vegetables maintained some crunch and that baby bok choy UGH dont get me started, fantastic!

Either way, this salmon was SO GOOD! I must try to duplicate this at home. Anyone have ideas on how I could begin to tackle this? The picture makes me think I should start working on my presentation techniques also. Damn restaurants, always making me feel inferior!

2013 02 22 Miso salmon

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