Pepper Steak with Bernaise Sauce


The strict Paleo-followers aren’t going to like this one. Sometimes, there is no better accompaniment to a great steak than a nice creamy sauce. For today, it was bernaise sauce which not only has milk in it but I made from a package. You know, those little sauce packets that start off as a powder and you just add milk and butter. Yep, I’m guilty but like I said before, sometimes I indulge in Paleo no-no’s, sue me. With all that being said, this sauce is GREAT! As you know, I LOVE steak, so this dish is one of my guilty pleasures.

The unpaleoness of the main dish even carries over to the salad. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat the croutons, those were put in the salad for the vegetable hater.

2013 03 18 Mmmm pepper steak with bernaise sauce and caesar salad.

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