Shrimp and Steak Shishkabobs


If you pay attention, you will remember the last time I failed cooked shishkabobs on the grill, I used the wooden skewers. With my extreme hunger, I neglected to soak said skewers, which resulted in a minor blaze on the grill top. ANYHOW, with these painful memories behind me, I now use the metal ones and the never burn! Yay! Skewers are great because anything that can be pierced, can be cooked. For this time, I used shrimp and steak, a good ‘ol surf & turf! Then I added some veggies to round it out. I’m also taking my chances with the indoor grill, good thing its relatively mild out so I can crack some windows!

2013 03 07 Awwe yeaaaah shrimp and steak shish kabobs!!!!

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