The Solid-Gold Burger


I immensely enjoy dining out but when I do, its hard for me to order anything other than my go-to steak. I try to venture out there as often as I can or when something really tempts me. Well,  I went to a speciality burger restaurant so I didn’t really have a choice, I was getting a burger regardless! Being me, I had to order the most expensive thing on the menu so that I could be sure I wouldn’t be disappointed (great logic, eh?) Lo and behold, they had a $100 burger called the Solid Gold Burger. Wow, sounds impressive, right? Or maybe you are one of those people that would think that sounds stupid… haha. Either way, you cannot deny that it is interesting. What encompasses a one hundred dollar burger, you may ask? This one had a beef patty topped with foie gras, black truffle shavings and 23 KT. GOLD DUST! Is that even Paleo? Don’t know, don’t care… I’m sold!

How was it? Well, it was pretty damn good! I did get a slight metallic taste (wonder why!) and it was kind of hard on the eyes to eat something that was totally encased in gold dust but I sucked it up and ate the whole thing (sans bun of course!) Oh ya, it also came with a glass of champagne which is pretty awesome! And its served on a gold plate, how cute and appropriate for a Paleo Princess!

2013 02 07 25 karot burger

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