Cherry Crumble


You may have noticed that I rarely (I think once so far) post a dessert recipe. This is because I am not the biggest fan of dessert and any time I do cook something sweet, it is usually for the vegetable hater so it is definitely not Paleo. Its actually pretty funny because I enjoy baking and love when people tell me that it tastes delicious but usually, I just take their word for it.

Today however, I thought I would try my hand at one of the various Paleo recipes that are out there and I had an abundance of fresh cherries so I decided to make a cherry-based dish. This Cherry Crumble worked out OK, I even tasted it and I didn’t mind eating it but the best part is that the vegetable hater ate it and loved it! Yay! Score one for Paleo desserts! I’m going to have to try this Paleo dessert thing more often.

2013 05 27 Paleo cherry crumble


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