Grilled Pork chop with perfect grill marks


Food from the grill tastes so much better when it looks perfect, am I right? And the perfect accessory for a grilled protein is grill marks! It looks difficult but it is really quite simple once you get the technique down. The most important thing to remember is to oil up the grill before placing the meat on it. Preheat it to your desired heat then, using tongs holding an oiled up paper towel, wipe down the grill. Dont wait too long after to place the meal on top at an angle. Depending on the thickness of the meat, the time in each position will vary, just make sure that it is at the position for the same amount of time each movement. Lets say after two minutes at one angle, you will pick it up with tongs and rotate is to the opposite angle but on the sae size. Wait two more minutes and then flip over on an angle and two minutes later, rotate to the opposite angle. There you go, it now looks as great as it tastes!

2013 07 09 Grilled porkchop

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