The Homewerecker!


Its that time of the year for the local town fair. Wow, meal options here are very sparse, especially when it is easier to find a deep-fried Oreo stand than a place that sells salad! Finally, I found a stall that had a sizeable line and everyone was whispering about the “home wrecker”. Well, that sounds interesting, I wondered if I could Paleosize it. Turns out, its a jumbo hotdog with pulled pork and bacon on top. Triple protein? That sounds like my type of party! All I had to do to make it a low carb option was omit the bun and the crunchy fries. I also accompanied it with a creamy horseradish sauce, so good! This was so good, I went back two days later and got another since I knew it would be another year until I could experience it again.

2013 08 06The homewrecker Malone Fair

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