Airplane food!


So today I am taking my work corporate shuttle to one of our other locations and this always poses a problem for me.  Airplane food is rarely, if ever, Paleo-friendly and this morning is no exception. We have a bagel topped with salmon and cream cheese, along with some potato salad and a butter tart for dessert. The only thing that I can eat are the grapes and thank god I am not doing a whole 30 because then even the grapes would be frowned upon! Knowing that I had meetings as soon as I arrived right through to lunch, I had to eat something or else the sounds from my stomach would be heard over my presentation so I dismantled the bagel and ate the smoked salmon, lettuce and  cream cheese. I guess it could be looked at as a smoked-salmon salad, hahah, with like 2 lettuce leaves. Ah well, the struggles of a Paleo Princess.

2013 08 26 plane food

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