Pan-seared Pork medallions and Cucumber salad


Forget about the pork for a second, this is one of my favourite salads of all time! The recipe has a history is my family, my Grandfather used to prepare it for his family ages ago and his secret is that he would make sure to throw it in the freezer a few minutes before dinner to ensure that the cucumbers have a nice and crunchy texture to them. Besides that little secret, the salad is very easy to prepare and as you can see, it does have sour cream in it so any people who completely nix dairy will not be able to enjoy it (poor you!) Another key to the success of this salad is using fresh dill. The smell is so fragrant and you can really tell the difference in taste compared with a spice-jar dill.

Okay, so back to the main, this pork is pretty basic. It was marinated with teriyaki and pan-seared on my cast-iron skillet, flipped over once. Very simple and very delicious.

2013 09 09 Pam seared pork medallions and a cucumber salad

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