Christmas Potluck at Work


Oh joy, its my favourite occasion at work, potluck time!!! I think our team has the most potlucks on the floor. I love the jealous stares that we get when we are all piling into a conference room with our usually very aromatic dishes. I pity the fool that has a meeting in this room after we’re through with it! Lets just say I hope they already ate lunch! This time, the Paleo variety was pretty good. Actually, I could have just used one dish to eat my entire lunch and that, my friends, is my colleagues meatballs. I am not sure what she does but they are so flavourful and delicious! I guess it doesn’t help that from 8:00 until 12:00 she has them in the slow cooker a couple cubicles down, the wonderful smell drives me crazy all morning. By the time its noon and we can eat, I find myself with a giant plate of meatballs and little else. However, I did eat some salad, chill, reviled eggs and *gasp* a slice of cake. Seriously though, look at that cake! A colleagues wife made it and it took her like three days. It would have been rude had I not tried it, right? 🙂

2013 12 11 potluck

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