Kale chips


I have been hit with a snack attack!! Must resist vegetable hater’s stash of junk food and think of something quick. Looking in the fridge I see a huge bag of kale which will probably go bad in the next couple of days if I don’t eat it. Why do they make those bags so large anyways? Well, I’ve done it with pepperoni and I’ve done it with proscuitto, why not try it with Kale? Thats right, its healthy chip time!!! The process for Kale is a little more involved than the pepperoni or proscuitto and that is because you need to wash and COMPLETELY dry the kale before baking. Washing is easy… its just making sure it is completely dry that is difficult, especially if you are making a huge batch like I did the first time. If you leave some wet then it will not crisp up properly and no one likes a soggy chip. The best part of these chips is that they are like a blank canvass, you can season them with anything and it will hold up. I used my favourite; cajun seasoning… nice and spicy!

2014 01 12 Baked kale chips


Click here for recipe!

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