Steak Salad


I  had to fly to another site today for a meeting and I desperately needed to be out of the meeting room for lunch. Eight hours in one room is just inhumane but that gives me a reason to have a spectacular lunch. One of my colleagues offered to take me to the mall for lunch and it is one of the BEST malls in the province. Too bad that I have no time to shop but the food made up for it. I had a steak salad with guacamole and salsa. Seeing how large it was my colleague said that I would never finish it. Obviously he does not know me very well, I ate every last bite! I needed to get the strength and energy to last the rest of the day. Oh and no plane food posts for the flight since it was only a 45 minute leg and they only provide snacks that I cannot eat. I guess thats another reason why I was famished by lunch time!

2013 12 16 Chipotle steak salad

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