Flank Steak Kabobs with Raspberry BBQ sauce and Paleo Fried Rice


This flank steak has been sitting in the fridge since Saturday morning and I desperately need to do something with it! Usually I make roulades out of flank steak by butterflying, stuffing it and then slicing it but today I would like to try something different. I also have had a hankering for a nice fruity bbq sauce so perhaps I can combine the two together. I decide to make the bbq sauce from scratch because that way I know exactly what is going into it. Don’ be intimidated either, bbq sauce is very easy to make and doesn’t even take long. This one was about 10-15 minutes and that includes prep!

I decided to grill the flank steak because as you know by now, that is my preferred method when preparing any type of meat. There is also something invigorating about grilling in the winter time, it also makes me feel kind of rebellious and I think everyone needs that sometimes 🙂 For a side dish, I decided to forego my usual salad and create a play on fried rice using a head of cauliflower that is almost at its expiration date. I wonder if the vegetable hater will notice that it isn’t actually rice? I know he didn’t last time when I used it in the stuffed peppers… muahaha!

2014 02 23 Flank Steak Kabobs with Raspberrt BBQ sauce and Paleo fried rice


Click here for Flank steak and BBQ sauce recipe!

Click here for Fried rice recipe!

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