Sesame Chicken Satays with Almond butter dipping sauce


Oh my, I have been badly craving peanut satays from my favorite Thai restaurant but I don’t go often anymore since there aren’t many dishes that are Paleo-friendly and it just disappoints me to look at all food I can’t eat. But wait, there must be a way to get the same delicious flavors at home, right?

Well, your number one Paleo Princess has found a way and even though it uses almond butter instead of peanut butter, it tastes almost exactly the same, if not better! Even the vegetable hater, with his discriminating tastes and love for peanut butter, was in love with these satays; mission complete! Sorry, I’m watching Gravity while I type this and the lingo is catching on I guess. Anyways, enjoy 😁



Click here for recipe!

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