Herb and Whole Grain Mustard “Breaded” Porkchops


Another long and busy day at work and now that I’m home, I want to prep and cook these porkchops as quick as possible so that I can eat, clean, workout and get to sleep already! Yeah, that’s my weekly routine, sounds fun eh? Don’t worry, I fit some exciting stuff in there too but this isn’t that kind of blog…

Okay, so a little off topic there, sorry! These porkchops are great and they took very little time to prepare, just make sure that you take them out of the freezer in advance so that when you come home from work, you can get to it! All you have to do is mix up the “breading” which is almond flour and some spices and dredge the whole grain mustard covered chops with it. Then you pan fry one side for two minutes and pop in the oven for 8! Simple as that! I paired with some corn and steamed veggies for a healthy, well rounded dinner. Time to hit that Bowflex now!



Click here for the recipe!

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