Snails and Flaming Meat


I know, I know, dining out two nights in a row, I’m terrible! But tonight was a special occasion and I can’t turn down an invite for a dinner out. Let me tell you, this place was well worth it! I started out with my all-time favourite: escargot but this one had a twist, blue cheese. This was almost completely Paleo, except for the cheese I guess but it was fantastic! The only downside was that it was oh so filling! We had ordered the Brazilian plate for two for our main and I think we collectively ate 5 bites. This plate came with two sausages, filet mignon, pork AND chicken. It could have fed our party of four! Ah well, won’t have to make a lunch for work tomorrow!

Oh ya and that meat is on fire. Not sure exactly what it added but it was a spectacular effect and what could be more Paleo than flaming meat? 🙂


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