Chicken Roulades and Sweet Potato Fries


I had big plans for tonight’s dinner party… I was going to try this new recipe that I saw on a cooking show earlier this week. Never EVER cook a new recipe when one has guests over! I will explain… I had planned on making a pesto stuffed chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto, totally disregarding the fact that I don’t even really like pesto (mistake #1). Now I’m not sure if I made it wrong (pretty unlikely) or if I had just forgotten exactly how much I hated this sauce because when I tasted it, I knew right away I had to throw it away. Backup plan time!! Always have a backup plan, my friends!

I decided to make the good ol’ standby, stuffed chicken roulades breaded with almond flour. This is a sure-fire hit and one of vegetable haters favorites so needless to say, he was pretty happy I botched the pesto. I don’t want to brag but my mom and dad told me about 50 times how good the meal was. Let’s forget about the fact that they may have had two bottles down by dinner time and focus on the fact that there were minimal leftovers. That is always the telltale sign.


Click here for the chicken roulade recipe!

Click here for sweet potato fries recipe!

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