The Perfect Ham and Cheese Omelette

Tonight I cooked a ham but when I asked vegetable hater what he would like for a side, he hemmed and hawed and then said nothing! I looked at him quizzically because he isn’t one to usually want such an unbalanced meal. Then a smile crept onto his face and he stated: I want an omelette! Okay, so he wants breakfast for dinner, that is something that I’m never against, especially because breakfast food is usually a lot simpler to prepare. However, in the case of the omelette, it is very easy to go from perfect to disaster in a matter of seconds. Not one to toot my own horn (haha ya right) but I think that I have mastered the art of omelette making. There are a few key steps that ensure success and once you grasp these basics, you can get as creative as your little heart desires! What are your favourite fillings for an omelette? Do you keep it simple or are you of the mindset that bigger is better?


Click here for the recipe!

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