Steak Fajita Cobb Salad

Went to a great Tex-Mex restaurant in Dallas with some colleagues today and let me tell you, they have the BEST chips and salsa I have ever tasted. No, that wasn’t a typo, I tried the chips! My coworker said that I had to and who am I to ignore someone’s advice? I am not sure if they tasted so delicious purely because I hadn’t eaten chips in salsa in over a year but either way, they were great! I guess I had professed their greatness a little too loudly because the waiter came by after the meal with a large bag of chips and a tub of salsa for me to take home for free!! Ahhh, gotta love that southern hospitality! It’s just too bad that I couldn’t fit it in my luggage to actually bring back home (too much shopping at the Galleria, perchance?)

Chips aside, I decided that I should opt for a more Paleo-friendly main so I chose a Steak Fajita Cobb Salad. This was quite possibly the most filling salad I have ever eaten, I barely put a dent in it! Very tasty though and easy enough to attempt to duplicate from home!


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