Sweet and Hot Sesame Salmon

I haven’t been feeling very well today so I decided to have some fish for dinner. Don’t question the logic, it just seemed to make sense at the time. Mostly because all of the traditional “sick” comfort foods are not Paleo-friendly (chicken noodle soup, crackers, ginger ale). Anyways, who needs ginger ale when you can grate some fresh ginger into a delicious home made marinade? I must say, this salmon was wonderful! With the tanginess of the soy and the spicy hot surprise of the red chili flakes, it really woke up my palate! I made a side of Caesar salad for vegetable hater and since he will not eat salmon, he went outside and grilled some sausages for himself (yay, leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch… if I go to work, that is!) Now it’s time to retire back to the couch, take some medicine and relax 😁



Click here for the recipe!

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