Bacon-weave Meatloaf

Who likes meatloaf? Ok, so now who likes bacon? I know, that was a silly question, if you don’t like bacon then I don’t know what you are doing on my page! Just kidding, I don’t discriminate but come ON bacon is the best!! Anyways, I really had a hankering for some meatloaf but I also really felt like some bacon so I thought, why not combine the two? I’ve had some experience cooking a bacon weave before with my breakfast sandwich so I decided to apply the same principles to my mammas meatloaf recipe. What did that create? Well, as my coworker so eloquently phrased it, I have created a meatception!

I made the meatloaf sans ketchup topping this time because I felt that the bacon would do it’s job to seal in the juices and add some extra flavor. Of course, this wasn’t to be had by vegetable hater so I whipped up a batch of spicy ketchup for him to dip it into and accompanied it with our favourite strawberry salad! What a delicious and hearty meal to start off the long weekend. I guess the double-dose of meat is to compensate for the fish and vegetables to be consumed tomorrow for Good Friday! Happy Easter everyone!


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