Paleo Tortilla Chips

Snack attack!! So I came home from work today and realized that vegetable hater did not take anything out for dinner. So this may or may not be my substitute for an actual dinner, don’t judge me. I also dreamt of chips last night so I have been craving them all day! I decided to do a little riff on the Herbed Almond Flour Tortillas that I had mentioned in a previous post. The main differences are that I rolled it out super thin so that the chips would be nice and crispy and I also kicked up the spice A LOT because I like my chips and salsa muy picante 😁 I am eating these chips as I am writing and I am almost full already, so this is a great snack or even a meal replacement if you are feeling extra lazy like me! Next time I think I will try it with some chunky guacamole. Maybe I will even bake another batch tonight so that we can munch on them while watching a movie! They are very simple to prep and only take about ten minutes to bake, so why not?

Let me know some of the spice combinations that you think you will try when making these awesome chips! Enjoy!



Click here for the recipe!

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