Seared Tuna

After eating that wonderful steak tartare starter, I decided to carry on the raw theme and have some delicious seared tuna. I know I know, doesn’t seared mean cooked? Well yes, on the outside! But once you cut that exquisite tuna in half, you will notice that it is raw in the center. This is the best way to eat this fish and another meal that I will leave to the pros! Something about preparing raw foods really scares me, maybe someday I will take some classes to help conquer this fear but until then, it will be dining out for me! The tuna had a chipotle aioli which really complemented the flavors and it was also supposed to be accompanied by some type of barley concoction but as you know, this would be a Paleo no-no. So I asked for a veggie side instead and I got a crunchy arugula salad and some earthy grilled vegetables; onions, zucchini, porcini oh my! 😁


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