Steak Tartare

As I mentioned in my post on Friday, I have been dining out an unproportionate amount as of late. I am not complaining too much though, most of the meals have been fantastic! I will start from the most recent. Last night, we went to a matinee and after the extremely long show (2 and a half hours!!) we were ready for a hardy meal! We headed to a very nice place in town and had a fantastic meal. My starter was this very flavorful steak tartare. Nothing says Paleo more than a nice potion of raw meat! It had the right amount of kick to it and was seasoned perfectly! This is one of those dishes that I will leave up to the pros though, as I feel like if I tried it at home it would be a health disaster! And since vegetable hater wouldn’t even try it at the restaurant, I am sure he would be even less inclined to try it at home! Oh and don’t mind the crostini, you know I didn’t eat that 😝


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