Portobello Burgers

This week my sister and I were trying to figure out what to prepare our Mom for Mother’s Day. We knew we wanted to cook a wonderful dinner and (for once) allow her to sit back, relax and allow someone else to make a delicious meal. I remember when I posted about my stacked portobello mushrooms a while back, my mom had mentioned that she wanted to try it one day, so I told my sister and she agreed that it would be a great idea. Only one problem, not everyone that would be at the dinner are portobello lovers, especially not vegetable hater. So we tried to think what else could we make in order to please everyone? Then it hit me, how about homemade burgers stacked on top of the portobellos? For those who don’t care for the meaty mushroom, they can simply eat the burger on its own!

The execution of the dish was flawless! We made three portobello mushrooms and my mom ended up just eating the mushroom, sans burger. Myself and my brother in law ate the combo and my sister, father and vegetable hater all had just the burgers. We made a crowd favourite, strawberry salad, as the side and the meal was an epic success! Thanks to my sister who acted as sous chef! Haha jk love you sista, it was definitely a team effort and nice to have someone cooking with me for a change! The most important part is that my mom thoroughly enjoyed her meal and had a great night, she definitely deserves to be pampered! 😁 Love you Mummy!!!


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