Red Pepper and Egg Salad Sandwich

Ahhh, Sunday… My day of rest and relaxation and usually a day of unstructured eating. Today was no exception as we headed across to road to have Mothers Day brunch with the inlaws and family around 1:00. This would be my first meal of the day. Sometimes meals at other peoples homes can be tricky, as you don’t know if they will be serving pasta and garlic bread with a dessert of bread pudding! I was hoping that this wouldn’t be the case since I was super hungry and ready for a feast! Well, good thing for me, it was a Paleo paradise! There were ribs, ham, salad, carrots, sweet potatoes and shrimp. I definitely did not go hungry!

No, I didn’t go hungry but I ate so much that it was looking very unlikely that I would be hungry again at dinner time. So around 6, when I was doing my third load of laundry, I thought maybe I would be skipping dinner altogether. However, when 8:00 rolled around and I was preparing my lunch for tomorrow, the hunger struck. It was at the precise moment that I was beginning to boil some eggs that I thought that egg salad with bacon would really hit the spot. Vegetable Hater was all for the idea and of course he threw his bread in the toaster right away. I, on the other hand, had to get creative for my vessel. When I was browsing through the fridge, I saw the red pepper and thought, why not? I sliced two sides off and used that to stuff the egg mixture into. The combination of the sweet red pepper and the smoked paprika and bacon infused egg salad was heavenly! I know it’s not ideal to eat this late at night but I think that it was light enough that I may even be able to skip the workout tonight and make it a true Sunday of relaxation 😁


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