Goodies in the workplace!

If your place of work is anything like mine, you will be bombarded with delicious treats on a daily basis. In my team, there is always a special occasion which warrants doughnuts, bagels, cookies etc. We have implemented a system where anytime someone has a significant life event, we bring treats so that the whole team can celebrate together. The problem with this is that not once has someone brought in something that is Paleo-friendly. Understandably so, since I guess it wouldn’t be appropriate to bring in a plate of bacon or vegetables in the morning!

So how is one supposed to handle all of these temptations? It is pretty easy for me, as I have never been a fan of baked goods (I’m more of an ice cream girl) but if I were someone who had a soft spot for these confectionaries, it would take some serious will-power to say no. The best advice that I can give is to keep in mind the reasons why you have decided to live a Paleo lifestyle. Think about how great you feel now that you’re putting healthy food into your body and just picture what it would be like to eat those overly processed carb-laden sugar bombs. They say your body is like a temple? Well this would be like dumping a garbage truck into said temple, not cool! Every time I say no to a sweet treat, I feel stronger and my dedication to Paleo is reinforced. It also feels great to have my coworkers say how amazed they are that I can always stay so strong. It also pays off when I hear them say how full and bloated they feel after consuming 3 doughnuts and I’m glad it’s not me when I hear the yawns from the inevitable sugar crash! Stay strong Paleo People!

What are some of your tactics for avoiding workplace temptation?


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