Sweet Potato Towers

Tonight we’re grilling sausages and I was trying to think of a side that would compliment them. I knew I was going to prepare some sautéed onions and peppers to top them off but I felt like that wouldn’t be enough to fill me up, since I’ve been starving myself since lunch! Also, I know that that wouldn’t create enough leftovers for me to prepare a lunch for work tomorrow which is integral in making sure I stay on track (not sure how many items from the cafeteria are Paleo!) For some reason, scalloped potatoes popped into my head. Well, obviously that is probably the most un-paleo dish that I could think of so the challenge was now how to Paleoize it. This is something that I love to do, to think of a dish that I would normally love to eat and try to make it acceptable with my lifestyle. Sweet potatoes were an obvious alternative but I definitely had to omit the dairy that comes standard with the traditional dish. To add more flavor, I used some of my favourite spices and onions between the layers. It ended up pretty good, especially if you are looking for a milder side dish to go along with a more complicated main with bold flavors.



Click here for the recipe!


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