Spicy Jerk Crab

Warning: do not get spicy jerk seasoning in your eye! Oh my, I was in a world of pain after snapping a crab leg and the spicy juices flew into my eye. Even this horrific experience couldn’t detract from how delicious this crab was and I didn’t stop eating to check my eye until it was all gone!

After I fixed myself up, I met the chef and told him about my experience, he found it quite humorous! It was a little embarrassing considering this chef is quite renowned as he stars on two Food Network TV shows but it was good to have a laugh about it. This restaurant is still my favourite in Montreal. It is called Garde Manger and it set in beautiful Old Montreal. I have never tried to prepare a crab like this in my own home but it is a perfect Paleo dish, so juicy and tender and I love a dish that requires a little bit of effort, it makes the tasting of it that much sweater. Squeezing the lime over the crab cut the spice and richness perfectly and even though I ate it as a starter, I could have easily eaten it as a main with a small side dish. I will have to try this sometime on my own but perhaps I will wear some sort of protective eye gear this time!


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