Chicken Saltimbocca

As any Paleo follower would know, a visit to an Italian restaurant is often cringe-worthy. Almost every Italian dish has starch as the main component, whether it be pasta, pizza or something breaded. Looking through the menu at this particular restaurant I was sure that I would have to either just eat a salad or actually consume a carb-based dish (as if!) Thankfully I came across this wonderful concoction: chicken saltimbocca. Although it does have some cheese atop that delectable chicken breast, it was still relatively Paleo. It had my all time favourite combination: double protein as it was topped with some deliciously salty prosciutto. This dish was not as innocent as it looks however, it was supposed to also come with a side of mashed potatoes. Of course I ordered the double veg and as I only finished about half of this meal, I wondered how someone could also polish off a side of potatoes without inducing a terrible food coma. The side of yellow and green zucchinis was definitely enough for me and the addition of the roasted red peppers added a welcome contrast. You already know that Vegetable Hater was in heaven. He ordered the works; spaghetti and meatballs with sausage and a side of garlic bread. Can you guess who fell asleep at the movie theater after dinner?


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