Grilled Beef Filet with Charred Romesco Sauce, Corn Purree and Haricots Verts

After those two delicious starters I am not sure how I will fair with this main dish. The aroma of the charred Romesco sauce seemed to get my appetite going again, so I will try my best! I know one would not normally associate a tender beef filet with an airline meal but here we have it and I definitely approve! It tasted as if they just pulled this off a grill in the galley! Is that FAA compliant? The steak was paired with a hearty corn purée and some crunchy haricots verts. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s basically just a fancy name for green beans. Everything was so flavorful and tasty that I actually cleaned the plate! Oh and I may or may not have also polished off a chocolate fudge sundae but we won’t get into that… 😁


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