Homemade Tortilla Soup (Minus the tortilla)

Oh the joys of being sick in the summertime. This calls for something hot and spicy to get me back on track and out there to enjoy the last warm days of the season. Me being sick may have something to do with my business trip to Brazil last week. Which reminds me, I have some posts to do on the delicious foods that I experienced there! Well, it’s not like I have done anything productive today besides sitting on the couch and watching the Food Network. Except, of course, for preparing this heart warming Tortilla Soup. It was actually quite involved but well worth it. I know when I am sick I don’t have the largest appetite, mainly Popsicles and water for me. But it is important to keep that nourishment up and I find that a nice spicy soup is extremely conducive to getter better quickly.

There was some prep work involved with this soup but the good part is that once it is all in the slow cooker, all you have to do is wait to enjoy it. The aroma while it is cooking is exquisite and I was tempted all day to sneak a taste. The cilantro, jalapeños and tomato emphasize the Mexican flavors and a dollop of sour cream also goes a long way to calm the spiciness of this dish (if you are a wimp like Vegetable Hater). I think next time I may try a creamy version of this soup by adding some coconut milk. I feel like it would make it a bit more tame for the less adventurous taste buds. I am one to love spice so this soup was right up my alley.



Click here for the recipe!

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