Grilled New York Strip with Maple Butter

I think it’s time to reveal my secret to the perfect grilled steak. Check out the recipe link below to see the full details, it’s all in the timing. Once you master the art of grilling, you can concentrate on the other important facets like seasoning, sauces and toppings. One of my favorite steak toppers is a flavored compound butter. Today I decided to make Vegetable Haters dearest flavor which is maple. Every time we eat at this certain restaurant he always raves about how delicious it is as he slathers it on everything from his dinner roll to his main dish. I figured it can’t be too hard to make and boy was I right! Two ingredients and a lot of combining is all it took. The savory BBQ seasoning from the steak and the sweeter maple butter really melded beautifully together to make a fantastic combination. Check out this post for some other compound butter flavor ideas. My goal is to perfect every delicious meal that we have dining out so that we never have to leave the house! Haha looks like I’m on my way…



Click here for the recipe!


One thought on “Grilled New York Strip with Maple Butter

  1. booboo…..I love this…..I’ll be using this recipe on the weekend when we have some guests over……it sounds absolutely fantastic!!!!! Love you……….xoxoxoxoxox


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