Double Cheeseburger with Goat Cheese and Bacon Mayo

I can’t take all the credit for this burger, it was actually mostly the work of my one and only sister. She had me over for dinner last night and made me homemade burgers with guacamole and salsa on top. They were so juicy and flavorful that I just had to take two home for lunch the next day! Well, the next day is here and I am working from home. How wonderful to have the leftovers to tweak a little since I don’t have any guacamole or salsa. The patties were mixed with a copious amount of garlic before grilling so they were already very delicious on their own but I decided to add some creamy goat cheese crumbled over top and a bacon mayonnaise drizzle to intensify the flavors. Oh my, it was heaven! I sandwiched both patties between pieces of butter lettuce for convenient consumption. Now back to work I go!


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