Breakfast Burritos Paleo Style!

Sometimes in the morning I can’t decide what I want for breakfast, mostly because I want it all: bacon, eggs, veggies, cheese, spiciness. Well I have the best solution for those mornings, throw all the ingredients that you are craving into a breakfast burrito! That is precisely what I did this morning, adding bacon, eggs, peppers, scallions, shiitake mushrooms and goat cheese all together and topping it with a drizzle of chipotle sauce. Of course us Paleors don’t want to ruin these lovely ingredients by wrapping them up in a tortilla so instead we use my favourite alternative butter lettuce. These were a little messy to eat but it wouldn’t be a true burrito experience if it were neat and tidy, so just enjoy it and clean up the plate after with a spoon! You can really get creative when making this breakfast. I basically looked into the fridge and saw what kind of foods I felt like. I am a big fan of fresh dill so I made sure to add that into the mix and lately I have been on a goat cheese phase and I have yet to find a dish that isn’t improved by its creamy texture and unctuous taste. What are your breakfast burrito must-haves?




Click here for the recipe!

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