Sumptuous Slow-cooker Roast

Slow-cooker Sunday is something I am going to try turn into a weekly tradition. All it takes is a little preparation and foresight and it allows you to relax the rest of the day while enjoying the delicious aromas that fill the house. I used my eye of round roast, which is a relatively inexpensive cut but it does have a tendency to dry out so you need to add lots of liquid to your slow cooker mix. I used carrots and onions along with garlic to flavour the meet. For liquid, I used beef stock and a half a bottle of a dark beer that I think my father left in the fridge a few months ago, sorry dad!

The beauty of the slow cooker is the fix it and forget it mentality. I started the cooker at ten in the morning and went about my day, even visiting the spa for a couple hours. It was on low so I wasn’t worried about any spill over. After 8 hours it was ready and we enjoyed it with some sautéed baby bok choy for me (see next post for prep instructions) and some orzo for the vegetable hater; A very successful Sunday meal!



Click here for the recipe!

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