Filet Mignon with Compound Butter and Crab Legs

Well today we had a major ice storm so logically, it was the perfect day to head out and Bbq! You know me, I never let a little inclement weather stop me from grilling. I felt like eating a luxurious meal on this Sunday as it is the last day before my vacation ends. That’s right, back to the grind tomorrow after an amazing two weeks off for the holidays.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting a lot during this period. Mainly because we have been eating out a lot, whether at the homes of our family or out at restaurants. This may be the first meal in two weeks that it has just been us two at the dinner table! We enjoyed this decadent meal with the maple compound butter which is Vegetable Haters favourite. It is a great sweet and salty combination for a savoury and thick filet. This was balanced out by some fresh seafood and a seasoned steamed vegetable medley. This almost makes it easy to get back to work tomorrow… almost.

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