Chicken Fried Rice Paleo Style!

Ah the ever present leftovers conundrum. Last night I was craving some comfort food so I prepared some crispy chicken nuggets. Like usual, I cooked way too much and even after eating for dinner and lunch today, I still had ten nuggets left over! Not wanting to repeat the same meal three times in a row, I racked my brain trying to think of ways to repurpose these nuggets. While staring into the fridge, I spied my head of cauliflower and it hit me: chicken fried rice!!

This turned out to be a relatively quick meal with the vegetable chopping taking up most of my time. The other good thing is you can add whatever ingredients you have in the fridge and substitutions and welcome. This dish was so flavourful and surprisingly filling. After one plate of this “rice” I was full! I guess it’s the fact that’s it’s a conglomeration of meat and vegetables which is so good for you and so paleorific! Yes, that’s definitely a word.

Let me know what variations on the recipe you have tried!



Click here for the recipe!

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