Brie Bacon Burger

This is my first time making a triple B (don’t steal my creative name haha) but first time turned out to be a charm! We used our regular burger recipe which is a mix of sausage and ground beef, seasoning, almond flour and onions. Even though it is -20 tonight, I was prepared to go out and grill but either we ran out of propane or it was too cold for the Bbq to function because it wouldn’t even start! So I had to rely on my indoor stovetop grill, which is fine but now my house will be smelling bbqlicious for a day! Which may not be such a bad thing now that I think about it…

For the toppings, I knew I wanted bacon (duh!) but I wanted to add something else to round it out. Looking in the fridge, I saw a few different cheese options but decided that although the Brie and bacon combination was something I had never tried it seemed like something I just had to! Boy was it worth it! The mix of the creamy, melty cheese with the saltiness of the bacon was heaven on earth. Especially when combined with that big, fat and juicy burger! The best part is that you aren’t wanting for condiments, it is perfect just the way it is, just like your Paleo Princess! 🙂


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