Apple Cinnamon Chips

Snack attack!! Even though there are some Paleo snacks on the market, it’s always better and usually more convenient to make them yourself if you have the time. I have seen various brands of apple chips at the grocery store, most including preservatives which aren’t what we want to be putting into our body if we can help it.

This recipe is very easy but it does require you to be home for a few hours while it bakes in the oven on a very low temperature. Like many of my recipes, there are a ton of variations that you can experiment with but I chose the simple route with this one, using apples and cinnamon, sometimes less is more! The taste of these chips helped to quench my ‘something sweet’ craving and helped to tide me over until my next meal. Check it out and let me know what else you would add to these scrumptious and healthy treats!

Click here for the recipe!

2 thoughts on “Apple Cinnamon Chips

  1. I would love to have some of these next time at your place!!!!!!!! I could probably eat the whole batch!!!!!!!


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