Green bean, Tomato and Feta Salad 

Well I started this recipe knowing full well that the Vegetable Hater was not going to appreciate this green bean salad. Since the beginning of summer I’ve been seeing green beans on the grocery store shelves and wishing that I could make some. I always try to make meals that both myself and my husband will enjoy but this time I decided to just make a side for myself and to prepare a little garden salad for him. A little extra work would be worth it!
I thought I would use one of my go to dressings to top the salad, which is a very simple oil and balsamic dressing with lemon juice that is sweetened with agave. I also looked into the vegetable compartment to see what other things I could add to rounded out. I spied some tasty looking heirloom tomatoes and some feta cheese. Combining all of these ingredients and red onions  made an incredibly tasty, fresh salad which is perfect for summer meal (even if you are the only one eating it!) What are some of your favourite summer salads?

Click here for the recipe! 

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