Italian Omelette

For someone beginning the Paleo diet, breakfast may seem like a challenging time to come up with new and varied ideas, especially since most breakfast dishes include a side of carbs. In order to forgo the toast and potatoes you need to make a dish that is not only delicious but also filling so that you don’t go hungry by 10 o’clock. The best way that I find to accomplish this is to throw a bunch of ingredients into either an egg scramble or an omelette. Today was an omelette day! I always like to add a little bit of protein (surprise surprise) and today I decided to use up some Italian cold cuts that I had in the fridge. I like a little spice in the morning so I added some spicy calabrese and sopresetta. I combined these flavourful meats with some fresh dill, onions, mushrooms and of course, eggs! What are your some favourite ingredients to go into an omelette?

Click here for the recipe! 

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