Sweet Chili Sausage and Pineapple Skewers

It’s one of those beautiful summer evenings and as usual the grill is calling me. Today I decided to use up some extra ingredients that I had in the refrigerator. As every Paleo meal begins with the protein, I chose some delicious hot Italian sausages that were just begging to be cooked. An obvious and delicious pairing for the sausage is pineapple but I had to think of a creative way to combine the two into one cohesive dish. What a better way than stabbing it with a skewer and adding other nutritious vegetables to round it out? I like the flavour of a sweet chilli sauce before grilling to add a nice sweet taste and to allow for some caramelization while on the heat. I didn’t have the time to actually marinate the skewers tonight so I just brushed it prior to putting it on the grill and it still got the great flavour. I love this dish because you can pretty much add anything that can be skewered and you are guaranteed to have a delicious meal! The only issue this time, was that surprisingly six skewers we’re just not enough. So next time I will either double the recipe or add something as a side dish. Any suggestions for a delicious side dish to go with these sausage skewers? 

Click here for the recipe! 

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