Crispy Sweet Potato and Spam Hashbrowns

Ok, so I have to be honest here. This is another dish that was created out of a mistake, haha. Sometimes that is when the most original meals are made, when something doesn’t go the right way and you need to change direction and innovate! This morning I was trying to recreate my sweet potato hash that I had made about a week ago. However, trying to cut corners, I microwaved the sweet potatoes instead of roasting in the oven. I also did not monitor the progress well enough because when I took them out of the microwave and placed them on the stovetop, they turned into more of a mash than a hash.

Crisis overted as I quickly turned the mash into little cakes for some deliciously crispy sweet potato and spam hash browns! I think this may have tasted even better than the hash and it looks pretty good too. Let me know if any of your kitchen disasters have turned into blessings in disguise. 


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