Pizza Lasagna

Not a day goes by where I don’t crave pizza, it’s really a problem. An even bigger problem is trying to come up with new ways to enjoy pizza flavours without the carby crust. I’ve made numerous meatzas, a few portabella mushroom pizzas and even a pizza-stuffed burger! So tonight I wanted to get even more creative.

Knowing that I needed to use my spaghetti squash very soon, I decided to try a pizza pasta bake to combine all of the flavours. I had just made several very carby lasagnas a couple weeks ago for the Vegetable Haters birthday, so I decided to use that for inspiration and make lasagnas that I could enjoy guilt-free.

Well guess what? They were so good that even the Vegetable Hater couldn’t believe it! You honestly couldn’t even tell that it was spaghetti squash, it looked and tasted just like a pizza spaghetti bake (if such a thing exists). The only problem is that I made such a huge dish that we barely made a dent in it. Although, when is too much pizza ever a problem? 😝

Click here for the recipe 

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