Cream of Caulifower Soup with Bacon 

Well, if you read my previous post, you will know that I predicted that a fruit salad for lunch (after skipping breakfast) would sustain my hunger until dinner. Hahahah, what a joke! I think maybe an hour after consuming that deliciously sweet salad I could feel the hunger pangs kick in. I was looking in my fridge for something quick and easy to prepare when I thought to myself, you are the Paleo Princess, there is nothing in your fridge that requires little to no preparation! Ah the downfalls of maintaining a healthy diet, free of preservatives 😭 Totally worth it of course but it just means that I will need to be patient and create something out of nothing. That’s when I spied my cauliflower and it hit me! A nice savoury and warm soup would be perfect for a chilly day like today and wouldn’t fill me up too much where it would spoil my appetite for dinner. I could also kill two birds with one stone and have the soup as a side dish with dinner tonight. Problem solved!

I decided to pair a creamy cauliflower soup with a hint of spice and a flavouring of bacon. Through the various steps, I believe it was about an hour before I was able to enjoy my creation but let me tell you, it was definitely worth the wait! A silky smooth texture with the aroma of bacon, garlic and curry, this soup became my new favourite after the first bite!

Click here for the recipe! 

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