Super bowl Devilled Eggs

I think that Super Bowl Sunday revolves more around food than football, at least for me anyways 😝 Usually it’s an excuse for me to forego the Paleo thing for one day and indulge in carbs but this year, I wanted to try to paleoize Super Bowl snacks! Since I already have my main dish prepared (see last post) I just need a little snack to compliment. Well what a perfect occasion for devilled eggs! I thought I would work with the theme and use delicious jalepenos for a football garnish.

These were super simple to make. Just use your normal devilled egg recipe (or mine) and add the sliced jalepenos to resemble the laces of a football and voila, you’re done!
What are some of your favourite Paleo snacks? Were you good this super bowl or did you indulge?

Click here for the recipe!

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